Play by the rules

Play by the rules


Ever notice as you walk with others along our journey of faith that people create their own rules and their own standards.  In some strange way they are creating a measuring stick of holiness and they find themselves in a great place in their relationship with God.

They then make sure to compare themselves with others so that people notice them and what they do.  The down side is that you usually fall below in the pecking order.

Then there are others who take a few of the laws or commands of the Bible and put themselves in a box that allows them to work to their strengths.  With practice, they become very good at what they do and become the specialist in that area.  As a specialist, they become the gurus of, let’s say, faith, and can expound on what faith is, what it looks like, how to get it etc.

Rules somehow seem to push God away and it is something we can handle on our own.  However, it also seems that the two rules that Jesus gave us, the only two rules He gave us, cannot be followed at all without a relationship with Him.

Challenged today to still follow the rules.  For a number of reasons but especially because God is still handing our trophies, He is still in charge.  But there are only two rules that count – love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and love others as well as you love yourself

God then takes care of the rest.




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