I run to you

I run to you


Most of the time when I think about travelling on the road that God has charted for me, I see God in the distance, usually behind me, watching me do my walk.  Occasionally, I think He is above me getting a bird’s-eye view of how my travels are going.  Seldom do I see Him in front of me waiting for me, hoping for me, allowing me the pleasure of running to Him.

Yet, I realize that He is there to make my life count.  I can hide under His wings until the storms pass. When I run to Him, I need HIm to hold me together.  We talk about angels, He sends me legions to save me and make sure I make it through.

God delivers generous love, He makes good on His word.

Lord, cover the earth with your glory!  I’m thanking you, God, out loud in the streets, singing Your praise.  The deeper I experience Your love, the higher my praise becomes.


Run To You (I Need You)



2 thoughts on “I run to you

  1. He wants me to go through the storm, face it, that I might see His greatness more clearly; the work He’s doing in me. No longer will I have to run to Him for I’ll know… He never left my side. * heart*

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