Wings or a walk in the country

wings or a walk in the country


Sometimes I get so bored with my pace in life and wish I could have my own private helicopter that could take me anywhere I wanted to go avoiding all kinds of traffic, human contact, rules, busyness and delay.  While those days are many, I do have moments where I wish the road that God has me travelling on will take me through the countryside so that I can slow down a bit and breathe.

Countryside gives me the chance for God to come close and whisper His answer in my ear and it really is a place where I tell Him how much I need Him.  There are moments when wanting peace and quiet, I dream of a cabin in the woods, a place of calm in the midst of stormy weather.

Wings give me a chance to escape the noise, hustle of relationships.  The fighting, the garbage, gouging and the cheating that happens even in broad daylight (do not get me talking about the fees veterinary hospitals charge).

Calling out to God is so therapeutic. God will help me.  Whether I sigh at the setting or the rising of the sun or whether I sigh at noon — He hears, He rescues.  My life is well, secure and whole.

Either way, let’s pile our troubles on God’s shoulders – let’s watch Him take over our load and help us out.  Let’s trust in Him.


Butterfly Wings 

Breitling Wing Walk Sydney



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