God, for your sake…

Dark night in Forest


Help me!

Here are the facts – I walk around telling people about my walk with Jesus, I preach, teach, disciple and mentor.  Then I meet my boss and he just about calls me a liar and a pretender and that I better get my act together.

What’s with that?

He wants to make money, I want to make money and pray that God allows me to bless the ministry by bringing money in.  I am optimistic that God will bring it in and then He does not and it does not come in and now my boss wants to end my contract because God decided not to show up.

It’s not the eleventh hour yet, but still, God, for Your sake and obviously as a follower of You, for my sake step in, use Your influence to clear me.

You know though that even so, I am always ready to worship You.  I thank you God – you are so good.  You prepare the road that I am travelling on.


God is your guide, your protector, for His name’s sake

Help me, Lord, ‘for your name’s sake.’


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