I will age, weaken and die

I will age, weaken and die


So why should I fear in bad times?

My dog, just 9 months old, has been struggling the last month.  Had some people look at him today and it looks like the liver is not working and there is something going on in the brain.  It will cost a lot of money just to find the problems and then, probably a lot more just to fix it.  Probably no guarantees either.  So now we are talking about losing him.  There are tears from those who are very attached and talk of never buying another dog ever again.  That scares me – to know the pain of losing someone we love is so bad that we cannot love again.  How will I help these family members of mine deal with this loss and it is not even human?

I look at those I am trying to share Jesus with.  I know that many of them I am losing too.  My loss is that they will spend eternity separated from Jesus’ love.  The cost of rescue is beyond my means.

Anyone can see that the brightest and best die, wiped out right along with everyone else.  We all get a chance to move into our new homes – the cemetery is now our permanent address here on earth for our bodies. We try to get something named after us, but does that really matter?  We are not immortal.  We do not last long.  Like my dog, we age, weaken and die.

This is what happens when we live for the moment and only look out for ourselves.  As they get herded into hell, totally separated from God’s love, something different happens for those of us who follow God.  God snatches us up from the clutch of death, He reaches down and grabs us.

So let’s not be impressed with those who count on their riches to save them, for they, along with everyone else, cannot take anything with them.  Just when they think they have arrived and are somebody, they enter the family burial plot where they will never see sunshine again.




2 thoughts on “I will age, weaken and die

  1. Sorry to hear about your dog and what you will be dealing with. Praying that hearts will be softened and ears will be opened to hear the goid news of Jesus.

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