Shaping the river into words



I have followed bloggers for some time.  Most of them because of what they had to write.  Lately, quite a few of them have turned to write their thoughts as poems.  I am not much for poetry, but that is not how they are writing – not as art anyway.  Their words carry depth and meaning, their structure brings out emotion in their writing and even their sarcasm blends in with their truth about love.

There was a time I wrote love poems to Jesus and then stopped when I became too ‘mature’ for my own good.

Here I am taking a good long look at the Psalms this year and I knew I would come across something that would be like poetry, probably made up into a song.  Sure enough, today was that day.

The actually meaning is about Jesus in love with His Church.  She is so beautiful.  I am so sad for those who hate Church.  They miss the most amazing body that Jesus called and put together.  Even her clothes are exquisite.  Of course, the poems does focus on Jesus and how every word from His lips are sheer grace.

We get a chance to watch Jesus ride majestically, ride triumphantly, ride on the side of truth and ride for the righteous meek.

His words are almost like glow-in-the dark instructions – they always make it through.

He wants us, like Him, to love the right and hate the wrong.


Psalm 45v1



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