Whitewater rapids



I have traveled over this bridge many times and there is a gondola that can carry you over the rapids and then back again too – but that is a one time event.

It is such a powerful scene of water.  There are other spots along the river that put you right beside the water.  The sound, the fury, the colour, the constant changing scenery is a sight to behold.

When I am in the dumps, I rehearse everything I know about God.  Sometimes that comes as depression, but most of the time it comes as chaos. I feel the breaking, thundering crash and crush on my life.

Those times you remember the still water, when you drank to your heart’s content, deep draughts of God.  Thirsty for God.

Funny how you also remember your exuberance for God in front of others and how you were in the front, leading worship.  Arriving earlier, shouting praises, singing thanksgiving and celebrating God goodness in life.

It is in these times, along the road that God has charted for me, that He promises to love me all day.  My songs are not in front of people, but the nights are filled with them as love songs to Him.  My life is God’s prayer.

So why am I in the dumps and crying the blues?  I will fix my eyes on God.  He puts a smile on my face.  He’s my God.




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