Don’t hold back



I have heard of stories where people have asked God to leave them alone, that they have decided not to follow Him and do not like the conviction that the Holy Spirit is calling them.  These people end up never coming to Christ and never being convicted again because the Holy Spirit has left calling them.

So I go the other way – God, do not hold back on me, your passion, love and truth is what holds me together.  Even when a mob of sins past counting consumes me and swamped by guilt and can’t see my way clear, God come and intervene.

It is because we accept the call to walk the road He has charted for us that we have to tell the world that God is great and that we are not quitting.  Yes, I’m a mess.  I ‘m nothing and have nothing – God make something of me.  God can do it, He has what it takes.




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