Not keeping it to myself

not keeping it to myself


In my waiting and in my hoping for God, I am not disappointed.

He listened, He lifted me out and pulled me from going in the wrong direction. The road He has charted for me is on solid rock just to make sure I do not slip.  As those around me see my incredible confidence in Him, others are deciding to abandon themselves to God.

Not that we are looking for happiness, but those that give themselves over to God – blessed.  We have turned our back on the world’s ‘sure thing’  ignoring what the world worships.  We have discovered that there is a huge stockpile of God-wonders out there and no one comes close to God.  When I start talking about God, telling what I know, I run out of words – it just does not seem right that either the numbers or the words I use account for my relationship with God, and more important – His with me.

The discovery of what I can do for Him, what I can bring Him means that each day I approach Him with listening ears.

When He calls, I respond with ‘I’m coming’ When I read His love letter He talks about me all the time and He is throwing me a party.  That’s when God Word entered into my life, became part of my very being.

Now I preach the same message, trying very hard not to keep back nothing. I do not keep the news of God ways a secret.




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