Full of God

Triberg Wasserfall


People ask me all the time what it means to bless God every chance I get – my lungs expand with His praise, I live and breathe God, and if things are not going well, I hear Him and am happy.

This is the good news that I share with others, this is what missions is all about – together we can get the word out.

God meets us more than halfway, He frees us from all our anxious fears.  We can look at Him and never have to hide our feelings from Him.

Remember all the times when we were desperate, we called out, and God got us out of a tight spot?

I know that God’s angel sets up a circle of protection around us while we pray.

So let us help others to open their mouth and taste, open their eyes and see – just how good God is and how blessed are they who run to Him.

If we want the best, we worship God for worship opens doors to all His goodness.

Those who seek God are full of God.

Staying Full Of God

To Be Full of God



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