All the credit



It is quite easy to look at God’s creation and give Him credit for His wonderful creation – so big and wonderful that you know it took God to make it happen.

Why is it that in my life that there are very clear moments of sanity where I think that I did it and it’s mine?

God gets me out of messes that I do not even know I am in.

When I do yell for help, He puts me together again, gives me another chance at life even when I am at my lowest point.

For the things I do see, I need to sing my heart our to God thanking Him right to His face.  Really, He only gets angry once in a while, but across a lifetime there is only love.  In fact, I know that a night of crying my eyes out will open the next day to one of laughter.

So when I think I am the man of my mountain, I’ve got it made, I know that if God should just look the other away, I would fall to pieces.

I think I have another way of travelling on this road that God has charted for me – I think maybe I could be dancing – I know, but that is how much joy I have knowing that He gets all the credit and I am more than willing to give it to Him.




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