Strength and Peace



My adult life has basically been consistent when it comes to how I leave a conversation – I bless.  Late last year I began to use the benedictions of Paul and have now been concluding with – grace and peace.  What I am hoping for when I do that is that God will bless you with strength (that will come out of grace) and peace.

It is His joy that is our strength.

When God puts on a show for us, He is not entertaining us, He is seeking our worship, He would like to see us in awe of His power and majesty and glory – His very visible power – so we stand at attention and we dress our best to honour Him.

We probably have never heard the voice of God in the OT – the thunder.  We have never seen His brilliance, His face streaming brightness as others have in the OT and the NT.  We were not a part of a generation that experienced God in the flood.

If we did, we would fall on our knees – we would call out, Glory!”

With that worship in our hearts, God makes us strong and God gives His people peace.

“Peace and strength with God through tragedy”

Strength and Peace

Peace & Strength




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