Carry me



Another reminder today of a commitment that my wife and I made when we were first married.  We knew that we needed God in our marriage if we were to survive and we wanted every one of our invited guests at our wedding to know that too.  We also wanted them to know who we were – followers of Jesus.  So, at the end of the night, as each person left, we gave them a scroll made up with the story – Footprints.  30 years later, many of those guests still comment on having that scroll and how much it means to them.

I realize just how much I am not thinking of being carried – I fully plan to walk this road that God has charted for me – yet the beauty of it brings me to a place of worship.

Determined to let Him know what I need, I will call out for help, I will lift my hands in worship.

Blessed be God, He hears me when I pray.  In so many ways He proves that He walks with me and that I have thrown my lot in with Him.

So I can jump for joy today and can shout and sing my thanks to Him because today I am not being carried.

But He is still all the strength that I need, an ample refuge when needed and I know that when the time is there, He will care for me, and carry me like a good shepherd.

“Carry Me”

“Carry Me To The Cross”

“Dead Man (Carry Me)”



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