A run of bad



In my enthusiasm for walking the road that God has charted for me this year, I have also allowed Him to check me out – spiritual check-up of sorts – am I fit to do this or what do I need to change to do this well?

His enthusiasm for sharing with me where I have missed the boat on a number of issues was a little more in quantity than I expected.  Some I’ve been exposed to earlier and am making progress – more aware still on others and no change in the immediate forecast.

Yesterday, again, He showed me something else.  Wow – okay, this is good, but it feels like my body parts are fighting each other – almost like a civil war and my heart, kidneys, and liver seem in the middle of it all.

Lord, take this sin, this ton of sin.  Keep watch over me and keep me out of trouble as I sort this all out with You.  I trust that when I run to You, You will not let me down.  Use all of your skill to put me together, I will wait to see your finished product.



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