Path of truth


Once I reach the place of trust in God, then I declare the road He has charted for me as one of Truth.  I am no longer looking where each step  is, but rather up and beyond to where the road is going, continuing to look at where God is going.

It is a commitment, I have thrown my lot with Him.  He is not going to embarrass me.

I am anticipating that He is going to begin to show me how He works, teach me His ways.

That is why some of us like to keep a journal.  We can actually mark the milestones of God’s mercy and love and in some cases rebuild landmarks that we had created earlier and had forgotten about.

It is funny though how our moments of sowing wild oats are still in our memories.  I still utter “God have mercy on my soul’ from time to time as I recall such moments but I believe that I carry today the mark of God’s sign of love and He only wants the best for me.

Following God comes with correction when misdirected and being sent in the right direction is what I trust Him to do.

In those dark moments when I feel totally rejected, I know that He will take my hand and we will walk as we did in the beginning where He will lead me step-by-step.

Today I know that the road I am travelling on will lead me to God, I am following Covenant signs, I am reading the charted directions.

I am one who worships God and that means I am making sure that my worship is right at God’s eye.  He gives me a place to settle down, my children will inherit what He has blessed me with.  Mostly God’s friendship is what He gives me as I worship Him.  I am one that He confides in.

This is truth – as long as I keep my eyes on God, I won’t trip over my own feet.


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