Sent in the right direction

sent in the right direction


It is amazing that trust has become a huge factor as I walk this road that God has charted for me.  In essence, I believe I am talking about growing in faith.  I am coming to a place that no matter where I go, I have come to accept that God is sending me in the right direction.

In fact, He is my Shepherd and I do not need a thing.  When I need to rest or when I need a break, He is true to His word and let’s me catch my breath.

Even if my road takes me through Death Valley, I am believing that I will have courage because He will walk with me and I am going to trust in His right hand for holding it will make me feel secure.

My prayer for all of us is that our cups will brim with blessing.  May His beauty of character and incredible love chase after us every day of our lives.  May we spend the rest of our lives in God’s presence.





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