This is my story

this is my story


How many times does God show up in the eleventh hour to deliver you?

It makes for a great story and when I come to worship and celebrate the wonder of God at the banquet table, I will tell it with a hallelujah and an a amen.  For God has never let me down, never looked the other way and has never wandered off to do His own thing – He is right there, listening.

At the banquet table, when I come together with all the followers of Jesus who walked the road that God has charted for them, the stories will be along the same line even though different journeys to get there.  The down-and-out will eat their fill and everyone who hunted for God, found Him.

The Holy Spirit is calling people back to God, some are running back to Him.  They are giving Him the last word in their life.

They include the power-mongers before God worshiping Him.  All the poor and powerless are with them, worshiping.  All those that never got it all together – worshiping.

Our children and their children will get in on this as the word passed along from parent to child.  Babies not yet conceived will hear the good news – that God does what He says.

What a great story mine will be to tell and can’t wait to hear yours!

This Is My Story

This Iz My Story




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