Singing the good news

alps pic


My mom is not a singer of any kind, but she loved telling the story of transformation when she climbed the alps in Switzerland.  She said that you could not contain the joy of the beauty around you for very long and she would yodel with all her strength.  Never heard my mom yodel – should have taken her up the Rocky Mountains!

But that is what happens from time to time when the road God has charted for me is laid out in such a way with opportunity of looking at how my life experiences transformation.

God’s strength has become my strength and in His strength I can’t help but yell out a few Hallelujahs.  God gives me exactly what I wanted, He filled my arms with gifts, He welcomes me into His family as if I am royalty and has given me a good life and I expect, a long life unless it needs laying down for Him.  Blessed when I sense that God is smiling – is it any wonder that I love God – who else would I serve?

God, may you be able to show Your strength in me so that no one can miss it.

Good, Good News

Singing the Good News



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