Signposts are clear

signposts are clear

Sometimes even the morning sun and the nighttime moon and stars are enough as I walk the road that God has charted for me.  It is enough just to stand and praise Him as the sun rises and sets and enough to stand and hear silence of His presence as the clear night air accentuates reflection of the sun on the moon and the twinkle of so many stars.  Every once in a while a bonus – shooting star or aurora borealis.

It is in these moments a difference comes through God’s Word – if my heart is ice, it melts; if my heart is lukewarm, it becomes like a scorching desert – no matter what, my heart has come back to faith.

God’s revelation pulls my life together.  The signposts of God are clear, and they always point out the right road for me to take.  My life-maps are right, they make the directions of God plain and easy on the eyes.

I was talking my youth group last week and remembered how much I like God’s description from one of the Psalms – His reputation is a twenty-four carat gold piece with a lifetime guarantee.  God’s Word is better than a diamond, better than a diamond set between emeralds, better than red, ripe strawberries in spring.

There’s more — God’s Word also warns me of danger and it also directs me to hidden treasure.  Otherwise how would I find my way or know when I am playing the fool?  I also ask God each day to clean the slate so we can start each day fresh!  I pray that God will keep me from sins that I know better than entertaining, from thinking I can take over His work.


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