Bedrock under my feet

bedrock under my feet

More and more each day I am finding that I view the road that God has charted for me as one made of asphalt paved over land.  I have to stop doing that. The road is what I am walking on – rock, sand, up a mountain, through a valley, over water or so narrow that I have to walk sideways just to get past the gateway.

It is a real walk in the real world.

My prayer today is that no matter what I am walking through, that He will be my constant, my reality, my bedrock under my feet no matter what the material may look like to me.  It is the taking my eyes off of Him that takes Him out of the picture and I fall to the natural outcomes around me.

Yesterday we prayed for a young teenager who has fallen.  She has taken her eyes off of Jesus and is sinking.  She thinks she needs to get her act together before she can come back to God and she has bought into that lie while sinking in quicksand.  We are praying that she feels the arms of God wrapped around her in love to the point that she will surrender to Him and will find her feet back on the bedrock.  He is the castle where we live, our rescuing knight.

In Him I find myself safe and saved.

My cry brings me right into His presence.

God’s Name: Bedrock under My Feet

Bedrock beneath my feet


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