Too busy to pray

OXYGEN Volume 21

Didn’t like what I saw last week and then again yesterday and probably just cancelled a meeting I should not have.

In the busyness of my life and when we say we are too busy it means we prioritize our list and only do the things we think are important – I saw people praying for people who needed prayer.  I was the one who could have prayed, but found myself watching and noticing but it was okay because I pray constantly through the day even if I did not spend personal time with people.

Not sure about that today, mainly because of yesterday.  I was sitting right next to a man who told me as plain as day that his mother had died, the funeral was tomorrow and he had no idea what he would say at the funeral with most of the people there being nominal Christians.  I was emphatic, encouraged him and did not even offer my usual ‘inside’ prayer.  As other members gathered around the table, we talked about different things.  There was a presentation, followed by lunch.  As lunch was getting ready, I shared with the people at the table what my neighbour had just told me.  One of the men scooted over and said, “Let’s pray” and since I knew a bit more, I closed the prayer.  Felt like a million bucks just for having participated.

Then later, after the meeting and most people had left, I ran into a Tyndale friend and he shared some things he was frustrated about. I listened again, no silent prayer either.  Then someone I knew came and gave me a big hug.  My friend started to engage him in conversation and then asked this stranger to pray for him as he was going through this struggle.  I joined in, but then it hit me how I was the odd man out.

What have I been doing walking on this road that God has charted for me?  Obviously I have not been praying.  If God was looking for a God-expectant man, He would not have found me. What have I been expecting of my purpose – because it looks and sounds like I am an impostor – a sheep pretending as a Shepherd.

I feel I have treated people like a fast-food meal over whom I am too busy to pray.

Is there anyone around to save?  Yes, God is around, God turns lives around.  I need to get out of this shell and make my prayer public, vocal, important and change my priorities so that I can engage and leave the other stuff for someone else to do.

“If You’re Too Busy To Pray”

Are you too busy to Pray?


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