Full of answered prayers


Sometimes I worry about not seeing the road to walk on today.  Sometimes I think the road appears just as I am lifting my foot to get on to the next step of the journey.  Today I thought of all the baggage to carry with me and then thought how do I decide what to bring along with me?  I still feel a bit funny about my lack of education and what right do I have, in a room filled with academics, to walk the road I am walking on.

At those moments I feel God looking at me.  At first that makes me uneasy until I tell Him that I really want to look life in the eye.  I know that if I do that with Him, no matter how many times someone may prove they are better than I am or when I fall on my face doing what He has asked me to do – it will be okay.

Then I throw myself into His arms and I celebrate being rescued.  I can sing with my CDs in the car and it feels at that very moment that God has answered each one of my prayers – and I am full.

“Answered Prayers”

A Story of God Answering Prayer

An Answered Prayer

Answered Prayers


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