Lie language



Not sure I expected this necessarily, but walking on the road God has charted for me means I have other people telling me what road I should take and why.  Of course they have their own agenda but I still need to tell the difference.

Some are very good at it – double talk with forked tongues.  Those who are in this category have found just how powerful their mouths are and have practiced getting what they want when they want so well that they usually do.  You might say that their lips manage their world and of course by that I mean they try to manage ours.

But God hears my groan, comes to heal the ache in my heart for wanting to genuinely follow Him.  You see, I recognize His voice.  They are pure words, just as pure on earth as they are in heaven.  God keeps me safe from the lies through His Word.

10 Ways Liars Use Words To Obscure the Truth



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