Running away


I had left home when I was 10 years old.  Wasn’t longer than 10 minutes when my dad came to pick me up.  When I was 16, I was ready to leave home again, instead I ran right into the arms of God.

So as I walk this road God has charted for me, why would you think I would run away again just because I meet with some darkness and the voices say that its time to get off the road and there is a better way, safer way?

You think my chances are better?

And if God hasn’t moved and His holy address hasn’t changed, and if He is still in charge, seeing everything that is going on the face of the earth – not missing a thing – why would I go somewhere else to look for Him?

He tests the good and the bad alike, fail the test and it gets worse not better.  God’s business though is to put things right.  That is why I am on the road He has set for me in the first place.  He loves getting the lines straight, setting me straight.  It feels to me that when I am standing tall because of Him, He allows me to look Him straight in the eye.




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