Put your ear to my lips

put your ear to my lips

Prayer becomes such an important part of my relationship with God as I “look” for the road that God has charted for me.

Such a romantic notion to walk with God, yet the reality is that He is calling me to intensify our relationship.  I need to hear His voice and to know that I am hearing it, I need assurance He is hearing me.

Boldness is my attitude in those prayers.  I am asking Him to intervene, to fight against evil, to look for it in my heart and to destroy it, every sign of it.  I want to see God’s grace win in my life and His order in my life seen by others.  Godlessness has to lose.

Just writing this expectation down gets me scared at the cost that I might have to pay.  I am already in fasting mode but it is just getting my adrenalin going.


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