Orphans will not be orphans forever



I think we all have those days where we think that God is avoiding us.  We feel there are moments when we really need Him and wonder where He is.

While we are going through those emotions, we see the wicked snub God and get away with it.  When we express any concern to them about their actions that look like they are separating themselves from God, they laugh, cry out – ‘catch me if you can – but He can’t because He is dead.’

They do not care what God thinks, if He gets in their way, they blow Him off.  They think they live a charmed life – nothing can go wrong – Happy New Year!

We just cannot muster enough faith to respond.  Our lives at the moment look like God has dumped us or at least is indifferent.

Then an angel appears.  One with a good word, one with a small gift, one with a helping hand, one with a kind note – a family of followers of Jesus that we meet along the road God has charted for us that intersects at the right moment with the right people.

Our doubt is gone, our feeling of being an orphan, alone and lost, is very quickly forgotten.  The wicked that we were so concerned about are now just a noise in the background – white noise if you will.

So on my journey, will I be careful to look for those who feel like orphans?  Most definitely, already planning how to engage and be a blessing and praying that my actions will encourage those who might have lost some hope along the Way.

John 14:15-18 Song “The Spirit of Truth” (I Will Not Leave You Orphans) 


“I will not leave you as orphans”

Not Orphans!


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