You took over


Have you ever met someone who was thanking God from a full heart?  I mean the person who has a story of God’s wonder almost every day – in fact, write a book on this subject and this person could do it. They whistle, laugh and jump for joy – singing God’s song all day long.

As I walk the road that God has charted for me, I have found something very early on – I am not in control.  I do fight it a bit, but as I turn me over to God and trust the road He has planned for me, I too am beginning to act differently.  Basically what I really needed in my life was God to plan the journey, set things right.  He came in and was faithful – when I needed Him, He was there, and has taken charge.

He knows whats right and gives people their just deserts.  He is a safe house for the battered, a sanctuary during bad times.  The moment I whisper His name, I relax, and I am never sorry that He knocked on the door of my heart.

I too am starting to sing, telling stories to everyone I meet.  He is keeping His eye on me, registers every whimper and moan, loves me.



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