Silence atheist babble



The road that God has charted for me goes through fields of those who call themselves atheists.  I enjoy describing how it is impossible for one to be called an atheist.  I do that because I am trying to disarm the emotionalism that equates such a position taken by those who want nothing to do with God.

There in lies my point – God is a household name.

My wife and I believe that babies gurgling away are proclaiming God, shouting words to songs of praise totally drowning out any other noise.

Silence of macro-skies scream in the dark and enormous sky and from time to time a special light display can only take my breath away.  When I look inside, how I’m wired to my personality, to my DNA, to the parts of my body and how they work, you wonder how God could make Himself so close to us, so available to connect.

It was He who gave us our task of ruling this world, calling us stewards of what He had created.

Yes, God’s name echoes around the world in more languages than you and I could imagine.

God Reveals Himself

Quotes About Babble


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