You get us ready for life

you make us ready for life


Somehow it seems that it would be easier if God published the mandate He has for me – the road He has charted for me.  For I know that He is getting me ready for the road ahead and whatever it may bring my way.

Ever notice how God probes our soft spots, how He also knows how to knock off our rough edges?

When I meet with God everyday, I feel fit, safe, secure, made right, keeping right and am addicted to that sense of security and strength.

God, in and for His honour does things right – and for that I remember every day to honour Him.


Are You Experiencing the Spirit Filled Life?


2 thoughts on “You get us ready for life

  1. I think it would be nice also to have God tell us the plans he has for us! I sure think it would make life easier but would it really? Would we be bored if we knew what was coming next? Somehow I believe we would be and it would take all the excitement out of life,

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