God, I need your help


Every morning as I enter into the word of God, asking the Holy Spirit to open its direction for my life, I know God hears me.

Every morning I come expecting God to show up, just not sure how, but I know He will, and I prepare myself.

I see myself as His invited guest that welcomes me into His presence – it is quite incredible.  I enter into His presence fully acknowledging that I am coming to Him for help.  I need directions to walk on the road that He has charted for me.  I need to safely go between the enemy lines.

The road does not go through heaven on earth.  It passes through so many aspects of the life He has called me to – how will I handle the words that come at me like land mines, or the curses that would suck the air out of my lungs like poison gas?  How will I handle the put downs that would like to bury me, or the words that would take me down to the slippery slopes of depression?

It is because God, you welcome me with open arms.  I run to you for cover because I know you guard me as I walk and as I celebrate with You.  God, you welcome those who come to seek you and you clothe us with Your delight.

Help Me Out God

Lord, I Need Your Help


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