Real help comes from God


I forget this sometimes and I look for help and advice from others.  There is even advice in the Bible that indicates that there is wisdom from a multitude of counselors.

However, when it comes to walking the road that God has charted for me, only I know that road.  It is the very fact that its my road that He charts that gives me incredible confidence in fighting the battles that I am up against.

I know that God shields me on all sides, He grounds my feet and lifts my head high.  When I shout out to Him, He replies loud and clear.

It’s the ability to go to sleep, sleep well, awake rested, tall and steady – fearless to walk the road I need to walk today.

So I turn to the only one who can really help me do that – God.  It is His very blessings that cloth me every day.

My Help (Cometh From The Lord)



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