What do you want?

3D Character and Question Mark


Nations as a present?  Continents as a prize?


As I walk the road you have charted before me Lord, I ask for these three things.  I ask that when I present the gospel that people’s hearts would be open, their eyes can see and their minds can understand – regardless of what nation they come from, but especially those that speak Arabic, Farsi and Turkish languages.

When I ask people for money to give to SIM (Serving in Mission), I want them to see your vision of reaching the continents and since we are very strong in Africa, I ask for Africa and specifically, I ask for the Sahel Region – the old Soudan – and very specifically I ask for Chad.  Let those whom I ask understand full well that the money does not belong to them – that everything belongs to the Lord and if He is calling them to give, they should give cheerfully participating in His call.

When there is a call for missionaries and I ask people to step forward in full-time duty, to serve at least one year in ministry where either SIM has discerned is best or where God has laid a burden on their heart – that they will respond by beginning the process.  That they, in faith, would begin to move trusting God to supply the funds and the wisdom to make such a transition happen and happen well.

Lord, thank you for the offer and I accept.



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